Hospital Uniform Scrubs Suit Set

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Application Hospital, School
Style Tops & Buttom
Material Poly 100%
Gender Women’s
 Feature Anti-Wrinkle,Quick Dry
Structure Close Fitting

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Product Introduction

Application Hospital, School
Style Tops & Buttom
Material Poly 100%
Gender Women's
 Feature Anti-Wrinkle,Quick Dry
Structure Close Fitting
Color Multi-color
Product Packing Carton
Product Standard XS--5XL
Product Trademark OEM
Product Origin China

Doctors' work clothes set is an essential daily work clothes for medical staff. Doctors' work often suffers from different pollutants, bacteria and other hazards. At this time, doctors' work clothes set can effectively protect the body of medical staff from harm, and also allow doctors to have better work efficiency.

The main function of the doctor's work clothes set is to protect the doctor from pollutants, bacteria, viruses and other hazards, to ensure the safety of the doctor's body, at the same time, the doctor can also save his clothes to avoid being polluted. In addition, the doctor's uniform set is made of professional medical fabrics, which makes doctors more comfortable to wear every day, while also adding a professional and high-end image to the overall image of the hospital.

Product Advantages

The advantages and selling points of the doctor's work suit include:

professional medical fabric, wear-resistant tear, soft and comfortable, transparent and breathable. Medical fabric can effectively protect the doctor's skin from damage, and compared with other fabrics have higher comfort;

The characteristics of wear-resistant tear can meet the needs of doctors wearing for a long time; The permeable characteristics can bring more comfortable wearing experience for doctors.

Product Application

The customer also spoke highly of the doctor's work clothes set. The customer said that the doctor's work clothes set was very comfortable, comfortable to wear, and very breathable, so that the doctor would not feel stuffy and uncomfortable when working. At the same time, the customer also said that the protective performance of the work clothes is also relatively good, which can provide adequate protection for the doctor's body.

The production process of doctor's work clothes set is very strict, from version design, cutting, sewing, inspection to packaging and shipping the whole process of precision control, to ensure that the quality of each work clothes set is impeccable.

Our Services

The company also provides high-quality after-sales service, providing customers with 30-day return guarantee and 24-hour customer service support, so that customers can buy and use the peace of mind. Precautions for using a doctor's uniform set include: Avoid washing with other colors of clothing, don't use bleach, use mild detergents, and avoid drying or ironing at high temperatures.

In short, the doctor's work clothes set is a necessary daily work clothes for medical staff, which can fully protect the doctor's body from harm, and the comfort is also very high. It is especially suitable for doctors to wear in hospitals, clinics and other medical places.

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